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Turnstyle Benefits

Turnstyle Benefits


Cost Effective - Lower lifetime maintenance costs.
Easy 1-2-3 Installation - Install the mount, slide the gate into position, attach the brackets. It's that simple.
- Works with any gate material, any type of mount, any type of terrain.
Attractive -
No arms ruining the look of your gate. Available in stock and custom colors to match any gate.
Energy Efficient
- Uses a rechargeable battery or solar panels – works in any weather even during a power outage.
Safety - All Turnstyle Gate Openers™ are UL-325 compliant.
Reliable - Internal components virtually eliminate wear and tear.
Performance - The standard by which all other gate openers are judged.

Turnstyle Armless Gate Openers Solar




With it’s Solar Power Compatibilities and 12V Battery Power Source, the Turnstyle Gate Opening System is environmentally friendly and has been described by professionals in the industry as the “cleanest” system on the market.


Turnstyle Armless Gate Openers Installation




Cost Effective & Easy to Install

Traditional automatic gate openers include many external linkages, parts, and equipment that require a considerable amount of assembly, installation time and maintenance. Turnstyle automatic and manual gate openers come fully-assembled and require very little installation time.  The sleek & efficient design virtually eliminates the need for costly system service and maintenance.


Turnstyle Armless Gate Openers





The Turnstyle Gate Opening / Mouting System™ can achieve full 90 degree openings or higher, and are fully adjustable.  It can be utilized in single and dual swing gate applications in end, center, or pillar mounts.  It is gentle enough to power light duty gates such as vinyl and chain link, yet can also swing ornamental wrought iron, agricultural tube gates and heavy privacy fence sections without sagging.


Is the presence of a big bulky armed opener ruining the look of your gate?  With a Turnstyle, you can keep your gates looking as natural as possible due to it's unique Armless Design.

There are also six corrosion resistant, powder coat colors to choose from: Ornamental Black,  Bright White , Farm Red, Slate Blue, Classic Silver & Natural Brown.

Custom colors are also available by special order.

Energy Efficient

Turnstyle Gate Openers™ implement state-of-the-art efficiency for optimum performance.  The automatic gate systems run off of a rechargeable 12V battery which is trickle charged via either wall transformer ot optional solar panel.
It is full systems capable, any weather capable, and works even in the event of a power outage.


Turnstyle Armless Gate Openers UL-325



Safe and Reliable

All of our gate opening / mounting systems are UL-325 Compliant.  Many safety features are compatible with our electronics including loop detectors, photo sensors, and more.

All working components of the gate system are located entirely inside of the post, eliminating pinch points and other chances of entrapment, therefore making gates safer for users, children and animals.




Since all of the working components of the gate system are located entirely inside of the post, there is essentially no wear and tear on the parts from outside elements such as rain, snow, ice or any other source that would otherwise impair a traditional automatic gate system.  These mounting systems were invented with necessity in mind and are quickly becoming the standard by which all other gate opener/mounting systems are compared to.


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