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Meet The Creators

Edward Stull


Edward Stull is the President of Turnstyle Enterprises, Inc., which is a privately owned company with its headquarters in Georgetown, SC. Along with his business partner, Bill Duncan, they strive to design and build innovative, safe, affordable, durable, and attractive luxury automatic and manual gate operating systems for the professional and consumer markets.

Ed earned his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at Michigan State University in 1981. After graduation, Ed began his engineering career with Aerojet ElectroSytems in Azusa, California. Following Aeorjet, he worked for Aeroquip Corporation-Aerospace Division and subsequently as a design engineer for General Motors Advanced Vehicle Engineering Group. In addition to Ed’s significant aerospace and advanced technology engineering experience, he also has extensive experience in the automotive industry. In his decade long relationship with Toyota, Ed developed his understanding and commitment to quality and the competitive advantages of lean manufacturning.

Along with being the President of Turnstyle Enterprises, Inc, Ed and his wife Judy, a veterinarian, run Pan Equus, an animal rescue farm, which they founded in their home town of Oxford, Michigan. Pan Equus focuses on the rehabilitation of injured and abused animals in hopes of providing them with a normal and fulfilled life.


William Duncan
Vice President

Bill Duncan is the vice president of Turnstyle Enterprises, LLC. Duncan graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree from Michigan State University and a Juris Doctor Degree from Rutgers School of Law. A former Park Ranger and commissioned officer with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Bill gravitated to the law while assisting in the investigation and prosecution of clean water violations. As a member of the South Carolina and Federal Bar, Bill has litigated insurance and business cases for more then twenty years. He is the former managing partner of Duncan, Crosby and Maring, LLC. His legal experience and membership with the advisory board of Carolina First Bank, allows Bill to communicate comfortably in the business world.

Bill now devotes much of his time between Turnstyle Enterprises and its sister company, Palmetto Automation, where he serves as an officer. Duncan co-founded Turnstyle as a natural progression of his interest in products which utilized innovate design and simplify and improve the quality of life. His personal devotion has generated enthusiastic interest in Turnstyle’s product line.

Bill has served on the Board of the South Carolina Environmental Law Project and Saint Frances Humane Society. An accomplished wood worker, and apprentice level welder and machinist, Bill prefers the hands on approach and continues to spend a portion of each day working with his hands to prove out new designs. A United States Coast Guard Licensed Boat Captain, Bill enjoys boating, saltwater fishing, cycling and gardening. Bill’s wife Sherri is a veterinarian and owner of two veterinary hospitals. Together they are active in a variety of animal welfare and environmental organizations.



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