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Frequently Asked Questions



Are Turnstyle Gate Opening Systems UL 325 Compliant?

  • Yes all Turnstyle™ Gate Opener systems are UL 325 Compliant.  Our electronics board is full systems capable and accomodates most electronic components without additional programming.  We meet all UL 235 safety and disclosure requirements.

Is there a maximum size to the gates you can open?

  • Yes, please refer to the Gate Specification Chart located at the bottom of 'Our Products' page to see if your gates meet the proper gate weight/length specifications.

What fence type does it work with?

  • The Turnstyle™ Gate Opener works steel/wrought iron, aluminum, wood, vinyl/PVC, chain link, farm/tube gates and more.  We have developed a bracket system to accommodate all fence materials and by selecting one of our openers of similar material (aluminum and/or steel) the opener can be welded to become and integral part of the gate. 

Will it mount to a post or pillar?

  • Yes, the Turnstyle™ Gate Opener Pillar Mount Model can be attached to any vertical surface including a post or column as well as door opening or wall. With our Ground Mount Model, the opener is a free standing post in which the gate or fence section is attached.

Is the Turnstyle Gate Opening System adjustable?

  • Yes, By selecting the adjustable pillar mount brackets, the top and bottom brackets permit 1.5" of travel adjustment.  Unicorn Gate Mounting Brackets also offer adjustability.

Is it AC or DC driven?

  • The Turnstyle™ system is an electrical mechanical 12 volt DC (direct current) system.  The battery can be charged by using the included 18 volt transformer or by a 10 watt solar panel (optional).

Is solar power available?

  • Yes, based on its energy efficient design, the Turnstyle™ system is ideal for solar application. The solar option allows the gate to be installed in areas where there is no other source of power making it ideal for remote applications.

Are Turnstyle Gate Opening Systems full systems capable?

  • The Turnstyle Gate Systems is full systems capable. Additionally, with its advanced electronic board, it offers features and options not commonly found on most automatic gates.

Does it work when the power goes out?

  • The Turnstyle™ Gate Opener is battery powered and will provide up to 100 openings and closings of the gate system after the power goes out if powered by use of the 18 volt transformer.  If power is not restored in time to keep the battery from draining completely, the Turnstyle™ Gate Opener converts into a smooth manual gate with the turn of a clamp release bolt. Turnstyle™ Gate Openers that are kept charged by use of the 10 watt solar panel are unaffected by power outages.

Are they suitable for all weather conditions?

  • Yes.  The system, as well as all of the keycomponents are located inside the weather-proof Turnstyle™ operator.  

How long does it take to install?

  • Typical installation for a manual gate is less than 30-60 minutes and approximately 1-2 hours for the automatic gate system. Install time may vary depending on installation of a single or dual opener.  Click here to download the Turnstyle Instruction Manual.

What maintenance is required?

  • Little to none.  The Turnstyle™ system is designed to be low maintenance.  Steel Models with the drive pin access plates may be lubricated annually.

Do Turnstyle Gate Opening Systems work well with livestock?

  • Yes. The Turnstyle™ Gate Opener was developed and tested on our own farms. With its' almost silent operation and gentle opening, all the animals adjust very well.  It is designed without dangerous pinch points or external arms, therefore it is safe for animals. 

How long is the Warranty?

  • A 12 month warranty is included on all Turnstyle™ models.

Are there any underground components?

  • All of the electrical components are located above ground. The wires to the motors and other accessories may be placed below ground.  The Ground Mount Model includes a Ground Sleeve which is installed below ground.

Are showroom displays available?

  • Turnstyle will sell operators to be used for showroom displays and deduct 25% off of each of the next four units sold by the company or sales individual displaying the showroom model; so after four additional sales, the showroom display would be free.  Operators sold for showroom display purposes must be paid for in advance.  The company or sales individual is responsible for supplying the gate and constructing their own display.  

Do you provide Custom Gate Systems?

  • Gate operator heights, custom color powder coating and degree of swing are all customizable upon request.  Additional charges do apply.  *Note: Customized dregree of swingis not adjustable after the operator(s) have been assembled.

How close do the Electronics need to be installed?

  • Typically the electronics box is located in close proximity to the gate; however, with installations that require an alternate configuration, we can accommodate an electronics box location up to 800 feet from the gate, provided the wireless receiver is mounted within range of the transmitter.  Wireless transmitter signal strength may vary depending on environment.

Are both manual & power models available?

  • Yes.  The Turnstyle™ Gate Opener works well as either a manual or power application. Both the manual and power designs have been engineered to be the smoothest openers available.

Where can you buy a Turnstyle Gate Opening System?

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